In a few words ...

Is it for you ?

Coaching can apply to your private life, career or business.
Your personal growth is key. You are in the driving seat, capable of triggering the changes and development you need. Our coaching gives you the courage and the will to change for the better.

Who are we ?

A coaching practice based in Palma de Mallorca. Sabrina is a multi-lingual Professional Certified Coach – PCC - and member of the International Coaching Federation – ICF.

What comes next ?

Encouraging self-discovery, identifying your challenges and goals.
Creating a plan of action together, holding you accountable and responsible.
Giving you a safe and confidential environment, free for you to express yourself, grow and achieve!

Feel proud of yourself

Being Sassi is about feeling good with yourself and life–proud of being YOU!
Having the confidence to create great moments and opportunities for yourself and others. Demonstrating positivity and motivation in life. Once in that fulfilled place, you will lead by example and excel. You are Sassi!

This is our philosophy.
Our core values.

Let me share one little note with you ...


I always wanted to be part of something that made our world a little bit better.
Sounds a bit “hippy” maybe – but it is true!
I am completely satisfied when I play a part in changing people’s lives. It is rewarding, inspiring and a beautiful feeling. It is just who I am and how I can help do something good.

I believe in what coaching can offer; it explores choices, possibilities and it aims to be positive and constructive.
Discovering your motivation, seeing your enthusiasm and confidence, and gaining your trust to support and guide you - this is my “Just be Sassi”.

Interested, curious or just a feeling?
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